Thursday, 3 November 2022

Tlismi Moti : All you need to know before giving it to your baby.

 Tlismi Moti or Teething Jewellery are not a good option for your baby as they do not do any good to the babies. FDA in 2018 banned the use of tlismi Moti for kids as it can pose some serious threats to the well being of kids. 

Dr. Garima Verma From has written a good article about it on her website you can go through the link to read the full article.


Tuesday, 27 September 2022

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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Missed nap times?? Why it shouldn't bother you..

My kid doesn’t sleep in the afternoons.

She resists sleep so much, that I get tired convincing her to sleep.

Is my kid doing okay if she is not sleeping?

There are so many questions we have been hearing and as a mother I would say l am one of them to ask these same questions to my mama friends.

But actually when should we be worried about our kid not taking a nap?

We all know how important is a nap for a toddler, it makes them feel fresh, gives them more energy both physically and mentally to play, even helps them stay healthy as they won’t get over tired.

But does this mean we should force them to sleep even when they are resisting sleep so much that you end up loosing all your patience making them sleep? As a mother I don’t think so..

My daughter is 2 years old.. she has not been taking a nap 6 out of 7 days a week from around 3-4 months.. She gets up at around 8 in the morning, sleeps at 8 in the night, might get up once at night, is very active and enthusiastic all through the day, sleeps very well in the night and gets up with a smile on her face in the morning.

So why forcing her to sleep when she is not ready, I try for around 5-10 minutes in the afternoon… if she is not willing we stop and start playing again. No frustration, no anger, no tantrums.

The next thing is mama definitely needs some time for herself during the day as well to relax.. as we can’t match with their energy levels. Here I am listing certain things we can do to just relax a bit during the day with a toddler who just won’t take a nap.

*Give your toddler some activities to play on her own that might take some time say 15-20 minutes. e.g. puzzles. During that time you can just lie down besides your kid and relax for a while

*Involve your toddler with your work (household), this will help you finish all the work before she sleeps in the night, and after she sleeps you have all the time for yourself.

*Make her sit with some activity again for another few minutes, and tell her to complete it till you take a shower… You will have to take a quick one, but you will feel relaxed. You can keep talking to her from the washroom and tell her you are almost done ( as they don’t have much patience to wait for you to come out)

*You both can just recline and sit and read some story books, this will help developing a habit as well as make you sit down for a few minutes and take some rest.

*Your partner can play with her for sometime and you yourself can take a nap or have a cup of coffee, along with reading a book or scrolling your phone.

We would have to find a way to make ourselves adapt in their routine, or try and change their routine slowly. We can find a reason why our toddler is not napping. I found mine… it is just that she wants to play. And I can’t always force her to sleep when she doesn’t want to.

So its better to change ourselves than to force them to change.. slowly as they grow they will keep evolving and being more independant. After all they are still those tiny little humans.

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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Not a perfect, but a loving and a good mom ♥️

Being a mom since last two years, I have realised there is nothing called a perfect mother.. instead it a good and a loving mother. 
There is nothing in motherhood called as perfect.

You can not have a perfect home and still spend all the time with your kid, the house will be a mess some time or the other.
You can not afford to always have your refrigerator filled with food, there might be days when you did not have any time to cook as you were busy with your child. 
You can not look dressed up with  beautiful hair all the time, as you might not even get time to take a bath as you were playing with your child.
You can not expect to always be laughing and smiling, as you will get tired managing everything around you.

There is nothing called as a perfect mother. Mothers are humans too..

Here are few ways to be a good and loving (not a perfect) mom:

1. Believe in yourself- the most important thing is to believe that you are doing your best. Don't doubt yourself. You are doing good.

2. Spend as much time as you can with your child- they don't remember the clean houses or the money you earn. They will remember the time you will spend with them.

3. Teach your child the basic things in life- teach them the good gestures first. Alphabets and numbers they will be dealing their whole life.

4. Let your child be what they are- never force them to be someone else, or hide their feelings. Let them be what they are.

5. Don't ask your child to hide their emotions whether happy or sad, let them express what they feel. If they do it now, they will learn to be emotionally strong when they grow up.

6. Let your child take decisions for themselves- let them take small decisions now ( e.g. what cloths to wear, what food to eat) and they will be good enough to take their decisions in the future.

7. Don't hesitate to apologise- Never be shy or scared to say Sorry to your child for something wrong that you might have done. Its okay, they will learn how to not hide their mistakes.

8. Tell them that you love them- Tell them that you love them. A good night kiss is magical, and will do all the wonders. 

9. Listen to what they have to say- Though they might be saying something again and again through out the day, listen. That will give them trust and a feeling being heard. This will help them being more confident in the future. 

10. Love, accept and cherish yourself as a mother.. and you will be a good one.

Remember, a mother is a human too, and humans are not perfect but can be good  and amazing

Sunday, 26 July 2020

You Are A Good Mom!!

Yes you are. 
Not just one, there are so many reasons that you are a good mom. Did the society try to tell you otherwise?
Trust me you are a good mom.
* You woke up all those nights to just let your baby sleep well... You are a good mom.
* You made sure the little tummy was always full, despite missing out on your own meals... You are a good mom.
* Your little one always looked tidy and clean, no matter how messy your hair and clothes were... You are a good mom.
* You changed those diapers all the day long... You are a good mom.
* When your tiny human was sick, you were there to hold her tight.. You are a good mom.
* You always answered to the hundreds of questions she asked you every day... You are a good mom.
*You managed to handle your cute little baby as well as the work at home... You are a good mom. 
* You tried your best to care for your sweet little child when you yourself were not feeling great... You are a good mom. 
* You kissed every time your little angel had a boo boo... You are a good mom.
*You sacrificed your career for the beautiful soul, being selfless... You are a good mom.
* You did your best to teach your kid to be the best version of yourself... You are a good mom. 
* You had all the patience in the world to care for your child... You are a good mom. 
* Just trying your best at being a good mom.. makes you a good mom. 
Just incase no one had been telling you this.... You are a good mom!!

Friday, 29 May 2020

Positivity In Quarantine!!

Positive is sure not a good word in 2020... Everyone is scared of being positive 🙈
All jokes apart... 
Otherwise it is the best word, or feeling or energy I would say. 
This quarantine, which we needed to bond with our families, know the importance of our work, be happy about the home we have... And also let the earth heal.... We had a lot of time to think. 
To think about life... About what we have been doing or will be doing in the future..
What the life has in store for us and what we have in store for ourselves..
Making the best of the time we have..
Staying positive about the circumstances, about the things we possess, about what we all are going through.
Adapting the mess.. being prepared for it to be more messy. 
This quarantine has or should have taught us about what life actually means...
The trips, the outings, going for parties and wearing branded clothes, searching for a five star restaurant... This should not be life alone... 
Spending time with friends ( whome we are missing), cherishing time with our kids ( who miss us when we our at work), being their for our family... Is what should matter...
Finding faults with everything is easy... But saying good and positive things about everyone and everything is difficult.
So this quarantine as it still continues.. let us all be positive for whatever we have in our lives... And try to make best out of everything ❣️❣️

Tlismi Moti : All you need to know before giving it to your baby.

 Tlismi Moti or Teething Jewellery are not a good option for your baby as they do not do any good to the babies. FDA in 2018 banned the use ...